Caving, Pot-holing and Mountaineering...

Inside Doolin Cave

Caving, Pot-holing and Mountaineering

Man has had a real curiosity and fascination with caves, since the earliest times and north Clare is Ireland's most significant cave region.

The limestone region of the Burren is punctuated by a large number of underground streams which over millennia have carved out intricate caves systems along there length. In the Burren region only one river runs over ground through this terrain to reach the sea. Over 35 miles of cave passages have been surveyed in the region.

Doolin Cave located on the western edge of the Burren, encloses a stalactite measuring 6.54 metres (20 feet) in length, it is recognised as being the longest stalactite in the Northern hemisphere. The Ailwee Caves are also open to the public.



The Burren Outdoor Education centre offers caving and pot-holing trips around the Burren in addition to canoeing, sailing, rock climbing orienteering and hill walking. Many potholers are attracted to the Fisherstreet Potholes and Pol na gColm near Doolin.

There are lots of opportunities for rock climbing in County Clare. A popular site in Fanore is Ailladie - The Blind Man's Cliff is an 800m long limestone sea cliff is one of the more popular climbs in the area.


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