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The Great Stalactite at Doolin Cave open to visitors

Discovered in 1959, the Great Stalactite at Doolin Cave, Co. Clare is becoming one of the most important eco-tourist attractions in Ireland. Measuring 6.725 metres (23 feet) in length, it is a truly authentic, natural experience. The cave opened to the public in June 2006 and is run in an eco-friendly way, so visitor numbers will be limited. We operate a park and ride facility from Bruach na hAille Riverside Cafe/Bistro in Doolin village. There are no buildings on site. The owners John and Helen Browne, respectful of the geological significance of the 'Great Stalactite' have had sensor equipment installed by Hull University, England, which will protect the delicate structure of the stalactite from any erosion.

Man has had a real curiosity and fascination with caves, since the earliest times and for those fortunate enough to witness the Great Stalactite at Doolin Cave, they can expect to experience the mystery and beauty of one of the world's most compelling geological phenomenon, first hand.

Situated in an appealing tourist location, the 'Great Stalactite' at Doolin Cave, is but a few minutes from Ireland's premier tourism attraction - The Cliffs of Moher. The nearby village of Doolin is considered 'home' to Irish traditional music and continues to be a magnet for tourists interested in both Irish traditions and music.

Doolin Cave is located on the western edge of The Burren, an extensive karst area of North West Clare. The Burren is Ireland's most important cave area. This mystical, lunar-limestone region is punctuated by a large number of active stream caves, yet only one river runs over-ground through its terrain to reach the sea. Over 35 miles of cave passages have been surveyed in the region, with the Doolin Cave considered the most significant and fascinating of all.

From the moment you descend over 80ft into the first tunnel with your guide, you will enter a world carved by water. When you enter the cathedral-like dome that houses the stalactite, you will be briefly plunged into a world of primitive darkness. Then, in a flash, you will be awed as the subtly lit stalactite appears before you. And, far below a magical stream carries to the hills outside the water that carved the primitive world around you.


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Doolin Cave is one of Europe's most compelling cave attractions as it is home to a wondrous geological phenomenon - The Great Stalactite It is your only opportunity to see such a large stalactite anywhere in the world.

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