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Scattery Island is located on the Clare side of the Shannon Estuary, is associated with St Senan who founded a monastery here in the 6th century.

Scattery became an important and wealthy ecclesiastical settlement as a result of its strategic location near the mouth of the Shannon estuary where it could control maritime traffic approaching Ireland's longest river. The monastery was plundered by the Vikings in 972, 1057 and 1101. The death of many of its abbots are recorded in the annals between 797 and 1095. The island appears to have been occupied by the Vikings around the 970s and it was attacked by Brian Boru in 977. It was plundered by the Anglo Normans of Limerick in 1176.

Despite the attacks the monastery continued to thrive and by the 12th century Inis Cathig had become a diocese in its own right. However, after the death of Bishop Aid O'Beachain in 1188 the island came under the jurisdiction of the diocese of Killaloe.


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Buildings The remains of six churches together with a round tower, an ogham stone and an early Christian cross slab are strong reminders of the former extent and importance of Scattery.

Temple Senan and Senan's Bed To the north-west of the pier, Temple Senan is a small 12-century Romanesque church sitting on a low ridge that may have been artificially raised to provide a level platform for the building. It consists of a nave and chancel with a door in the west wall. A small number of carved stones indicate the former existence of a decorated chancel arch. Immediately to the west is St. Senan's Bed where the saint is reputedly buried.

The Cathedral complex This consists of the Cathedral, a second church to the north of the Round Tower enclosed by a low wall that contains some cyclopean masonry - possibly indicating the remnants of more ancient walls. To the west is St. Senan's Well.

Teampall na Marbh (Church of the Dead). This 14th/15th century building is located adjacent to the beach within a modern graveyard to the east of the Cathedral.

The O'Cathain (Keane) Castle, a much-ruined example of an Irish Tower house, is located directly in front of the pier on arrival to the island.

The Cottages These were built in the 19th century mainly to house a community of Shannon pilots who were moved to Scattery Island in the 1840.

An exhibition on the history of the island is housed in the visitor reception building.

Opening Arrangements: Early June - Early September
Guided tours available
Admission Free,
Separate charge imposed by boat operator(s).

Facilities: Toilets
Please note that access to the island is dependent on tidal/weather conditions.

Telephone of Boat Operator at Kilrush Marina - 065 9051327
Please contact Ennis Friary - 065 6829100 for additional information on guided tours etc.